• VJ Burkardt

Waves of Neptune

Traveling in Italy this last Spring was a pretty epic event, as every day for two weeks my buddy Corey and I had experiences that would not be possible in the United States, moments that left us incredulous. One profound event was seeing the Fountain of Neptune, in Bologna. It was a statue so far removed from anything I had experienced that it really energized me to want to create something interesting.

I feel this painting was an important step for me, to use color to create an expression. How I define my painting style I can't really say, I just try and paint what I feel. With this one, I gave myself the freedom to go a little crazy, and as challenging as the human form can be, I am happy with how it turned out. I decided to try and paint some waves, which of course were not part of the original picture. As I write this, there is flooding going on in Venice to the North, but nothing like the painting shows, fortunately. I thought Neptune would approve of me adding waves; after all, being in the same piazza for over 400 years without the sea nearby must be a challenge for the God of the Sea. #acrylic #24x30 #Neptune #Italy #Bologna

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