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Thanks for the artistic genes, Mom.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Writing a first blog reminds me of picking up a paintbrush early on. You know basically the colors you want, and how to hold the brush, yet the experience isn't in place yet. You do have to start 'where you are', and trust that you can make something honest and interesting. There is a passion for conveying a feeling, for getting an idea across. The thought of others tapping into my writing is pretty cool; I have always been impressed by what we can do with 26 letters and some punctuation.

Going back to the 1970's, my Mom had a weekly column in our local paper. It was called 'Let's Get Disorganized', and had the style of humorist icon Erma Bombeck. In Mom's case, it was a semi-factual account of the joys and travails of raising seven kids (I was number seven). I remember supermarket trips where other Moms would thank her for bringing well placed humor into their lives.

Also, Mom was a very talented artist; below is an ink drawing that shows a bit of her style. I plan to honor that talent by developing my own style as an acrylic painter, using brushes and palette knives. My work as a Host Home Provider for Adults with Disabilities allows me time for this; more about that role in an upcoming post. #painting #writing

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