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Moog ~ Making Melodious Music

I happen to think that computers are the most important thing to happen to musicians since the invention of cat-gut which was a long time ago. ~ Bob Moog

Bob Moog was an American engineer and pioneer of electronic music. He was the founder of Moog Music and the inventor of the first commercial synthesizer, the Moog synthesizer. Those who have played or heard a Moog know there is no other sound quite like it.

Which is why, after years of loving the sound of a synth, I now have a Moog Matriarch, described on the Moog website (https://www.moogmusic.com/products/matriarch) as "the pinnacle of Moog's semi modular family of analog synthesizers". I am excited to have begun writing lyrics for an upcoming concept album based on Artificial Intelligence, and am working with my longtime friend David to create songs. It is exciting! Adding a Moog analog synthesizer is definitely a quantum leap forward to getting the sounds I want in expressing the diverse, intense feelings associated with the emergence of AI. Exciting, mysterious, frightening..... it is a relationship that has already begun between AI and humans, with unknown long term consequences. The best we can do I believe is educate ourselves. If interested, here is a link for a free email subscription to Peter Diamandis, cofounder and chairman of Singularity University ~ https://bit.ly/33KXfZh

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